School Wellness Committee

What is a School Wellness Committee?

A school wellness committee is essentially an advisory group concerned with the health and well being of students and staff. A committee can be formed at the district or school building level.  Presently the Tabernacle School District's wellness committee serves the district with representatives from each school serving as members. This group typically has 6-12 members and includes school staff, students, family members, and community members.
District versus Building Level Committees
  • District Level Wellness Committee: Focus is on policy and the common mission of district policies and programs. Able to identify gaps and locate the district and community resources to address them.
  • School Level Wellness Committee: Focus is on the needs of students and staff in a specific school building. Able to implement programs and activities to meet these needs.
The school wellness committee (SWC) acts collectively to lead, coordinate, and implement all aspects of the Healthy Schools Program.

Healthy Schools Program Framework of Best Practices