Conflict vs. Bullying

Conflict vs. HIB



  • Involves people with similar degrees of power
  • Involves an imbalance of power
  • Involves a mutual disagreements or difference in interests or goals. Includes arguments and fights.
  • One or more students are victims of one or more person’s aggression, needs, or interest.
  • Is reciprocal; both parties participate in the conflict
  • Is one-sided; one party instigates
  • Both parties are responsible for wrongdoing
  • Bully is responsible for wrongdoing
  • A normal part of growing up and of life. The intent is not to hurt.
  • The intent is to physically or emotionally hurt someone.
  • Can be fairly resolved by compromise or negotiation
  • A fair resolution involves a change in behavior of the bully; the target has no concession to make