Message from Mrs. Susan Grosser

  • Hello Families, 

    At Olson Middle School we thrive as a staff that works well together, with parents, and community to serve as role models for our students. 
    We have a common district theme which is “PAW WAY to SUCCESS”. We focus on character traits which students should develop and implement as life-long learners and good citizens. These are also emphasized in our Developmental Design program which promotes Responsible Independence. Responsibility means that students take learning seriously and interact with others in ways that support learning: 
    • Cooperation
    • Academics
    • Respect
    • Excellence
    We maintain high-level teamwork to keep a community of adolescents learning and functioning smoothly, and our teamwork depends on the three basic school-wide elements: 
    • Establishing and maintaining good relationships
    • Establishing and maintaining purposes and agreements
    • Responding to rule-breaking consistently and respectfully
    Our staff is implementing OLWEUS Bullying Prevention Program or OBPP for short. This goes hand in hand with our Developmental Design Program. To stop bullying it needs to be addressed at all levels of a student’s experience – schoolwide, classroom, individual, and community levels. Students are receiving a consistent, reinforced message about bullying over an extended period of time and in a variety of settings. This will be long term and not just accomplished in one year. 

    We are all working together to help our students be motivated intrinsically to do the best for themselves. Students need to realize that stumbling on a bump in the road is not a failure but an opportunity to learn how to solve a problem. Everyone needs to learn at their own developmental pace. We encourage and reinforce that at OMS and we encourage students, staff, parents, and community to work together on this mission.

    I am looking forward to working with you and your children this school year.


    Susan Grosser