• Our school believes that promoting sports involvement at this level will not only develop sport skills, but will develop a sense of responsibility, involvement, and social skills.

    Our coaches prepare students for a high school level. Coaches also expect them to develop socially, mentally, and physically. While teaching students, these skills, they are also taught sportsmanship, self-discipline, and team work.

    Olson Middle School offers girls' field hockey, boys' soccer, girls' soccer, and cross country within the fall season. The fall season begins in September and ends at the end of October. Olson's winter sports include boys' basketball, girls' basketball, and girls' cheerleading. The winter season begins in November and ends in the beginning of February. Olson's spring sports include girls' lacrosse, boys' intramural lacrosse, track and field, boys' baseball, and girls' softball. The spring season begins in March and ends at the end of May. Students are required to pay a fee for each sport that they play or manage.

    Throughout the various selections of sports that students may participate in, students are expected to maintain a certain grade point average throughout each season. You may find this information in the Student Handbook. Students are also expected to keep an updated physical throughout the year. Each sport has an explanation of guidelines and rules that each coach gives to the students in the beginning of the season.

    Throughout this page that you visit, you can find the sports hotline number that posts information of when each sport has a game, who the game is against, where the game is being played, cancellation due to weather, and postings of who made the team for the season. You may also upload a physical form to assure that your student will be able to participate in try-outs before the try-out dates. The sports schedules are also posted and updated daily.

    Thank you,

    Louis Santoro, Athletic Director 
    Phone:  (609) 268-0153 Ext. 1036

2022 Spring Sports Schedule