• Dear Parents,

    We are excited to announce that starting in January 2017, the Tabernacle Township School District will be going paperless! All school and student information will be communicated electronically, with the exception of report cards, and classroom-based items that teachers may send home.

    Our goal is to increase communication with families, without the worry that valuable information is missing in a book bag, left in a locker, or lost on a bus.  To make this transition easy for everyone, we will be creating a new drop down tab on the homepage of the district website labeled “e-Backpack”. The e-Backpack will hold ALL of the information that is sent out and will be instantly accessible to all family members!

     As we approach the month of January, we would like you to check to make sure you are able to access our website and that your contact information is up to date. Internet capability is an important part of your child’s education and a necessary component for your child to conduct their assigned school work.

    Please update your contact information with our Student Registrar by calling 609-268-0153 Ext. 1006, or by e-mailing yatess@tabschools.org.

    We are aware that there are areas of our community that have no internet service. As our district continues to move forward with the use of wireless devices, one of our goals is to collaborate with the governing body of Tabernacle Township to bring internet providers to all areas of our fine district. To make an effort to move this goal forward we need your assistance.

    We are very excited to implement paperless initiative, as so many districts in New Jersey have already done. In our world of increasing technology, and in line with environmental conservation, we appreciate your cooperation.



    Glenn Robbins

    Superintendent of Schools