Each day, the Tabernacle School District transports precious cargo-our community’s children. The safety and security of our riders is our number one priority. As you prepare for the start of the new school year, please review and sign the School Bus Code of Conduct with your child. Support our efforts by encouraging your child to follow the School Bus Code.

The Transportation Department is committed to providing services as consistently and efficiently as possible. You can assist us by remembering the following:
  • Be prompt. Your child should be ready for pick up ten (10) minutes prior to the scheduled pick up time. Please allow extra time for those important first-day photos and last-minute hugs before the bus arrives. Think of the delays that would occur if the bus were required to wait for each child on the route.
  • Be patient. Please allow for some fluctuation in pickup and drop off times, particularly during the first two weeks of school. A number of factors are involved. Our bus drivers wait a little longer at each bus stop to accommodate students. Other drivers on the road must adjust to having our buses in the traffic stream. Remember, too, that throughout the school year, bus schedules may be affected by inclement weather, road construction, or use of a substitute bus driver.
  • Be present. An adult or responsible sibling must be visible before students in kindergarten through Grade 4 will be permitted to exit the bus at any time. If no one is visible, the student will be returned to school and the parent will be required to provide transportation as soon as possible.
  • Be prepared for changes. Changes are possible throughout the school year but will be communicated to you through the Transportation Department.
Again, the safety of your children is our top priority and we continue to make effect effort to keep them safe and secure while transporting them efficiently. Your cooperation and patience are appreciated.  
If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at 609-268-0153 ext. 1015.

Debbie Herndon
[email protected]
Transportation Manager
Parents/Guardians must complete a Transportation Request Form if your child is being transported to another address other than your home address.  The pick-up and drop-off address must be consistent each day and every week.  In case of an emergency, you may call the office for us to hold your child until you can pick them up, or arrange for someone else to pick up your child.  They will not be allowed to ride any other bus.  Requests for students to switch buses in order to visit friends or requests different from the options allowed on the request form are not permitted.