• Students on all Tabernacle Township buses are expected to: 
    1. Be at their designated bus stop at least 10 minutes prior to assigned time;
    2. Conduct themselves appropriately as in the classroom;
    3. Be courteous and use only appropriate language;
    4. Refrain from eating or drinking on the bus;
    5. Keep the bus clean;
    6. Behave in such a manner as to not distract the driver;
    7. Remain in their assigned seat with their seatbelts fastened;
    8. Keep head, hands, and feet inside the bus;
    9. Cooperate with the driver;
    10. Show respect to the driver and all other riders.
    11. Any student who misses the bus is responsible to make arrangements for his/her transportation to school.
    12. Oversized items - No item may be brought on the bus to be transported to or from school if it does not fit securely on the student’s lap. 
    Bus Safety is our primary concern. The bus driver is in full charge of the bus at all times and is responsible for order. The Transportation Department has installed security cameras on some of the school buses. You may be videotaped at any time. Inappropriate behavior on the bus will be handled in the following manner: 
    1. The driver will give the student(s) two(2) warnings for an infraction;
    2. After the second warning, the driver will speak privately with the student(s);
    3. If the inappropriate behavior continues, the driver will give a written report (incident form) to the building principal;
    4. The building principal will meet with the student(s);
    5. Extreme circumstances will be reported immediately to the building principal. 
    The principals’ disciplinary procedures vary slightly in each building. In all cases the parents are notified.

    Please be advised that the NJ State Law 18A:25-2 states, “A pupil may be excluded from the bus for disciplinary reasons by the principal, and his/her parents/guardians shall provide for his/her transportation.