• It’s important to provide consistent messaging around foods and beverages throughout the school day. Promoting healthy options during meal or snack times while allowing unhealthy options during celebrations can confuse youth. Help students associate celebrations with healthy habits rather than unhealthy options, and associate healthy activities with celebrations rather than unhealthy consumption.


Non Food Rewards in School

  • This resource provides information on why a move away from food-based rewards in schools is important and what you can do to help make that change.  Also included are several examples for alternative rewards!

Constructive Classroom Rewards

  • Promoting Good Habits While Protecting Children's Health. This document provides a variety of alternative rewards that can be used to positively reinforce children's behaviors and accomplishments without undermining healthy eating behaviors. Ideas can also be integrated in celebrations, such as class parties and children's birthdays. 

Smart Snack Requirements

  • Smart Snack requirements are nutritional standards for food distributed to students in school set by the US Dept. Of Agriculture.