• MAP testing is scheduled for twice a year during the 2018-2019 school year. The schedule is available here

    MAP testing is an adaptive test used to measure what students currently understand and know in Math and ELA. It is used asn an internal assessment tool for the teacher to understand what each of their individual children know and are ready to learn in a given subject area. The teacher then plans instruction to meet individual student needs.

    The MAP test is informative and timely. Results are received by teachers quickly. This is much different than a standardized state test. A standardized state test's level of questions do not get easier/harder based on whether a student answers the questions incorrectly/correctly. As well, standardized state testing results often are not reported out to school districts until well after the tests are given. Both tests are given on computers.

    For more information on what MAP testing is, and the difference between it and state standardized testing, please click here. For additional questions, please reach out to the Director of Curriculum and Instruction.